Adetutu Laditan

Senior product marketing manager for YouTube

Adetutu Laditan has over 15 years in brand marketing in Sub Saharan Africa. As a senior product marketing manager for YouTube, her role involves growing the video channel’s premium products, developing brand partnerships, analyzing how consumers use YouTube and guiding video creators and influencers on making more engaging content.

 Adetutu initially joined Google, which YouTube is a subsidiary of, nine-years ago providing sales support to the Telco and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sectors. This role evolved into taking charge of product growth strategy where she found a natural talent, becoming product marketing manager for Google’s consumer apps across all of Sub Saharan Africa, tasked with driving product adoption, improving usability and user ratings.

 Today, Adetutu is driving the growth of untapped video audiences across Sub Saharan Africa, inspiring the one million internet users on the continent to use YouTube more. Her strength lies in creative storytelling, constantly designing new ways to engage audiences with compelling content, and helping brands and creators find emotional angles to connect to the user.

 Prior to her tenure at Google, Adetutu led multiple large scale campaigns for global media agency OMD, where she revamped multi-million dollar portfolios for brands such as Diageo, Standard Chartered Bank and Ecobank.

11:30 - 12:10

Day 2

Panel: How to build, monetize and win as a creator

CE/Content | Creative Economy Stage

Discussing the steps to building a career as a content creator, including tools, resources, budget, topics, and other important elements.