Amandine Lobelle

COO at Paystack

Amandine is currently COO at Paystack, a pan-African online payments company headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, which helps merchants to collect payments from their customers.

At Paystack, she oversees core business and revenue functions such as finance, people operations, legal & compliance, sales and account management. She was also heavily involved in the Stripe acquisition of Paystack in 2021. Previously, Amandine was a venture capital investor at IFC (the private sector investment arm of the World Bank), where she invested in early-stage FinTech companies in Sub-Saharan Africa.

She was based in Washington D.C., Lagos, and Johannesburg and started her career in investment banking, working in M&A for Morgan Stanley based in London and Johannesburg.

Amandine holds a BA in Business & Economics from Trinity College, Dublin, and a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University.

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