Ruth Iselema

CEO, Bitmama

Ruth Iselema is one of the pioneers and leading female leaders in Africa’s blockchain space. She is the Chief Executive Officer of Bitmama Inc, a pan-African blockchain startup offering crypto products in payments, trading, and investments, with footprints across Africa, Europe, and the US.

In 2021, she launched Changera, a cross-border payments platform helping businesses and individuals to send and receive money globally. Prior to founding Bitmama, Ruth consulted for other leading global exchanges and blockchain protocols on their product strategy and market entry into Africa, including Binance and CELO. Fondly called the Bitmama of Africa’s blockchain space, Ruth has been recognized as one top 20 individuals shaping Africa’s blockchain space by leading media such as CryptoAssetBuyer and received other recognition from the German and Austrian Missions in Africa.

10:40 - 11:25

Day 1

Panel: Building the next generation of African Web3 products

What would the next generation of Web3 products be like and what would it take to build them?

Emerging Tech/Web3 + Workshop stage